Golf Course Mixes, Sands & Top Dressings

Golf courses take a beating … from player-induced divots and closely mown fairways to the lightening quick green speeds preferred by today’s golfer to unpredictable and sometimes brutal Indiana weather. Golf course superintendents are expected to overcome considerable challenges. Shelby Materials provides high quality and consistent maintenance materials to help them overcome those challenges.


  • USGA specified root zone mix
  • Golf course drainage gravel
  • Divot mix
  • Blended tee mixes

Top Dressings

  • Top dressing sand
  • Dry bulk top dressing sand
  • Top dressing mix


  • Bunker sand (including Best Sand white silica bunker sands)
  • Best Signature Sand
  • Green-dyed sands

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    From top dressing to bunker sands, Shelby's custom mixes meet or exceed the USGA standards for golf courses.

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