Additional Keys to Ordering Concrete

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Scheduling Delivery

Schedule the delivery of concrete to accommodate the construction schedule. Inform the producer of the correct address, location and nature of the pour, and an estimated delivery time. Call well in advance of the required delivery date to assure that your desired timeframe can be met.

Concrete is a perishable product and the construction crew should be ready for concrete placement when the truck arrives. Notify the producer of any schedule changes or work stoppage as soon as possible. Ensure that the mixer has proper access to the placement location. A concrete truck weighs in excess of 60,000 lbs. when loaded and may not be able to maneuver on loose dirt or residential curbs and pathways.

Specifying Quantity

  Concrete is sold by volume, not weight, in cubic yards and is delivered in a mixed but plastic state to be discharged from the mixer truck. The delivered volume or yield is measured from the concrete density. One cubic yard of of concrete weighs around 4000 pounds.
When ordering, we recommend ordering 5-10% more than what has been estimated to account for waste, spillage, over-excavation, uneven subgrade, bowing in the forms, and change in volume as hardened concrete is 1-2% less than when it is fresh.

Specifying Quality

The purchaser is responsible for specifying the quality, or strength, of the concrete. The best method of doing this is by specifying the necessary performance characteristics you will require. This will include strength but also permeability, shrinkage, or durability requirements. This may sound overwhelming but our dispatchers can provide input on all of the above and answer most of your questions.

Miscellaneous Items to Note

  • Placing procedures can potentially alter the characteristics of the fresh concrete. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to inform the producer of changes to the mixture requirements to accommodate these effects. An example is pumping concrete in place.
  • When a job uses more than one type of concrete mixture, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to verify the mixture delivered and direct it to the correct placement location.
  • The purchaser should check and sign the delivery ticket and document any special occurrences on the ticket.
  • The concrete producer cannot be responsible for the quality of concrete when any modification or additions are made to the mixture at the jobsite. These include addition of excessive water, admixtures, fibers or special products, or if the truck has to wait for an extended period before discharging the concrete.


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