The Executive Team

The executive team sets the tone for “The Shelby Impact.”

Philip Haehl
Enjoys: Purdue Athletics, Golf, Hanging with the Grandkids + Traveling. Philip is a 2011 Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association (IRMCA) Hall of Fame honoree, current local LEED president and serves on the Shelbyville redevelopment commission.
Richard Haehl
Executive VP
Enjoys: Golfing + Traveling. Richard describes his role as "a little bit of everything." He oversees the Indianapolis markets and the day to day operations for a portion of the company. He is a Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association (IRMCA) Hall of Fame honoree and has truly enjoyed watching Shelby Materials evolve and grow over his 37+ years with the company.
Aaron Haehl
Chief Financial Officer
Enjoys: Purdue Athletics, Golf, Snow Skiing + Traveling. Aaron has been with Shelby Materials for 20+ years, from shoveling under plants, mixing peat moss with sand, to batching and dispatching. He's done it all. By immersing himself in the day to day jobs within Shelby during his high school and college years, Aaron had a unique vantage point to witness Shelby's growth over the years and the launch of their first Indianapolis location.
Matt Haehl
Vice President of Operations and Sales
Enjoys: Purdue Athletics, Coaching + Attending His Children's Sporting Events. Matt is the current president of Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association (IRMCA) and has served on the board for 4+ years. He was an integral part of helping a safety bill pass in Indiana. He enjoys being part his family owned business, that his grandfather started over 60 years ago, as well as working within the community.
Chris Wolf
Director of Technical Support
Enjoys: Racket Ball, Cars, Airplanes + BMW Club. Chris is a Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association (IRMCA) Hall of Fame honoree. He has presented for the American Concrete Institute (ACI). Additionally he has been published within Concrete Producer Magazine and Architectural Concepts as an industry expert, and is the "Voice of Shelby Materials" every Friday morning on Korn Country 100.3 FM.
Gregg Hebbe
Vice President
Enjoys: Purdue Athletics, Golf, BBQ/Meat Smoking, Cheering on the COLTS + Local Beer/Wine. Gregg is a lifetime director of Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association (IMAA). He's contributed as an aggregates industry expert for Growing with Indiana. In his 35+ years with Shelby Materials, Gregg says he has never dreaded coming to work due to the great working environment, the people and being able to watch firsthand the company grow exponentially over the years.
Parker Haehl
Vice President Southern Division
Eric Wagoner
Quality Control Director
John Horner
Human Resources Manager
Enjoys: Golf and Healthful Living Currently John heads up Shelby Materials' Human Resources department.  He was key in developing and implementing the company's current health and wellness program.
Ben Doll
Director of IT
Dustin Hartman
Director of Sales
Enjoys: Purdue Athletics, Cheering on the Indianapolis COLTS, Golf + Coaching His Son's Baseball Team. Dustin has been with Shelby Materials for 14+ years. He enjoys the family atmosphere, service-focused mentality and working together to drive company forward.
Jeremy Ross
Director of Marketing
Eric Welling
Environmental Health & Safety Manager
Jim McShanog
Collections Specialist
Terry Kelley


The Account Managers

The account management team ensures the delivery of “The Shelby Impact”

Scott Noel
Sales Representative
Gary Simpson
Sales Representative
Robert Haehl
Sales Representative
Enjoys: DIY Projects + Spending Time with His Family. Robert has been with Shelby Materials 16+ years. He oversees plant operations for the Brownsburg/Clermont location. He enjoys seeing the expansion of the Westside of Indianapolis taking shape.
Justin Lowder
Sales Representative
Tony Ricketts
Sales Representative
Tommy Luce
Sales Representative
Curt Wheeler
Sales Representative
Zach Ashton
Inside Sales Representative
Tony Montgomery
Sales Representative
Allen Miracle
Aggregate Sales
Trent Crabtree
Sales Representative


Our dispatch team ensures promptness and accuracy.

Neil Armstong
Dispatch Manager
Scott Leighty
Eric Cohee
Brad Schwering
Brian Montgomery
Jerry Cope
Tim Chandler
Javier Rosales
Jeff Schmidt
Justin Strain

Office Managers

Our office managers ensure accurate orders, billing and documentation

Susie Veerkamp
Kim Sanders
Peggy McQueen
Laura Hamner