From time to time Central Indiana’s concrete experts, Shelby Materials, have used ready mix and concrete equipment for sale. Check back often as we update the list of current items available.

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94Dump TruckFREIGHTLINERQuad-Axle2007
96Dump TruckFREIGHTLINERQuad-Axle2007
189Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200521916919388
207Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200621190019900
210Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200622028515190
213Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200616735219487
214Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle2006217837
216Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200616767017953
227Ready MixOSHKOSH4 Axle200820025129140
226Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200718391115045
233 (171)Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200915676915530
220Ready MixOSHKOSH4 Axle200722400121365
237 (181)Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle201011702122293
262Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200815991315830
263Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200814771816014
264Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200916778017029
265 - SOLDReady MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200914799717836
266 - SOLDReady MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200916020718115
267Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200915602917465
268Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle2009293062987
269Ready MixTEREX ADVANCE4 Axle200915352517244

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