5 Changes in the Concrete Industry You Should Know

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Concrete has been used for centuries to improve infrastructure such as walls, buildings and roads. Because it’s been such a reliable presence for so long, it’s easy to assume there’s not much room for improvement. However, despite its dependability against the test of time, things are always changing in the background.

While the foundation of concrete remains the same, here are 5 things that have recently changed in the concrete industry

1. Improved Concrete Production Methods

Concrete production used to require manual labor and relied heavily on human power to produce. Nowadays, production has largely been industrialized and concrete plants are commonplace.

2. Diversity in Color & Textures

If you’ve ever had the experience of mumbling to yourself, “I can’t believe this is concrete!”, then you know that concrete is a bit of a shapeshifter. Textures extend far beyond “somewhat gritty”, from super smooth to super rough. Gone are the days of being able to choose any color concrete as long as it’s gray. Color options are now in the mainstream. You still commonly see variations of earth tones. but bright hues of red, yellow, blue, and more are available for any project you dream up.

3. Increased Concrete Durability

Through the power of chemistry, concrete can now be adapted to its specific application to make it stronger and longer-lasting; or, more flexible. Whether your project is going to be exposed to the elements and needs protection, or it’s going to be subject to various chemicals that can reduce a material’s integrity, the concrete industry has come up with wonderful solutions to make your project sustainable for the long-term.

4. More Applications

No longer is concrete only for buildings and roads. Concrete is being used for everything from siding to 3D printer creations. This has allowed concrete to become even more of a staple in the construction industry and in our everyday lives.

5. The Invention of E5 Admixture

E5 is an admixture that works to disperse water more evenly throughout the mixture and controls the curing process outside of uncontrollable elements (like sunlight or rain). E5 works to increase durability of the finished project, while also being safe for the environment and those that work with it.

While concrete may be considered an element of function for most, it’s exciting to see how the concrete industry is continuing to evolve to better serve those that utilize and benefit from it.