5 Reasons Touch-A-Trucks Are Great For Kids

Reasons Touch-A-Trucks Are Great For Kids

Vroom! Vroom! Does your child love watching big trucks pass by on the road? Our team often hears about how much little ones love seeing our big yellow Shelby Materials ready mix trucks out and about. Touch-a-truck events are great for kids (and fun for adults, too)! Plus, we love connecting with the community.

Five reasons Touch-A-Trucks are great for kids:

Tactile Learning
Kids often learn best through tactile learning – or, learning that includes a multi-sensory experience.  Kiddos will love to SEE our big yellow trucks and lights, HEAR the horn and engine, TOUCH the steering wheel and buttons. (We don’t recommend TASTING the truck, however!)

New Experiences
It’s one thing to watch a construction site and big trucks from a distance. It’s another thing to be front and center, observing what goes on behind the wheel.

Insider information
Our Shelby Materials drivers love to share what it’s really like operating our big yellow trucks! Kiddos can bring all their questions to be answered by our Shelby Materials experts.  No question is too small or too big!

Sparking Possibility
Coming to a touch-a-truck event helps make your child’s fantasy a reality. Your kiddo will see that driving one of our ready mix trucks is a real job that makes a real difference.  It could be them one day!

It’s Just Fun!
Your kids think big trucks are awesome, and – let’s be honest – you probably do, too. This event is a great opportunity for some great family fun and connection. Curious people of all ages are welcome. 

We aim to do several Central Indiana Touch-A-Truck events annually. We want children all over the Indy metro area to have a chance to come sit in the driver’s seat of a real Shelby Materials ready mix truck. We love their smiles as they honk our signature horn.

Here’s Our 2023 Central Indiana Touch-a-Truck Lineup:

Friday, June 23rd, 10AM – 1 PM: Westfield Grand Park Sports Campus
(Sensory Friendly Hour 10AM-11AM)

Saturday, June 24th, 10AM – 1 PM: Brown County/Nashville, Indiana

August 26th, 10AM – 2PM: Johnson County Fair Grounds

Come sit in the driver’s seat of all sorts of trucks, honk the horn and let your imagination soar!