Skilled Trade Associations We’re a Part of

Shelby Materials is proud to be involved with numerous local skilled trade associations and organizations, lending both dollars and time in hopes of bettering our industry, our employees and our community. When you begin a skilled trade job, like the drivers at Shelby Materials, you’ll gain on-the-job training and continuing education, provided in part by the local associations we partner with. Let’s explore how these organizations support the skilled trade construction industry.

Build Your Future Indiana

Build Your Future Indiana (BYFIndiana) is a collaboration of employers, state agencies and industry associations within our state. Their ultimate goal, which Shelby supports as a company member, is to help Hoosiers learn more about careers in construction, including shifting the sometimes negative point of view people have about the industry. They also provide information about local training opportunities and educate individuals on how they can qualify for and earn jobs in these high-demand careers.

Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association 

Shelby is one of the oldest member companies of the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association (IRMCA), which seeks to grow the use of concrete throughout our state, with an agenda including a broad range of events, marketing, promotions, education, government affairs, and partnering with other industry organizations. A number of Shelby employees have served in leadership roles at the IRMCA, including Shelby President Matt Haehl and Director of Marketing Jeremy Ross both serving on the Board of Directors in the role of president. Most recently, our Director of Sales Dustin Hartman was named the IRMCA Board of Directors secretary/treasurer. Shelby also has a number of employees who have been inducted into the IRMCA Hall of Fame, including Executive Board Members Richard Haehl and Philip Haehl, and Director of Technical Support Chris Wolf.

National Association of Women in Construction 

The National Association of Women in Construction was founded by 16 Texas women in the construction industry in 1953. Seven years later, the Indianapolis Chapter was founded and is now known as IndyNAWIC. This organization acknowledges that women make up just a small part of the construction field, and so it provides women with more opportunities for “professional development, education, networking, leadership training, public service and more.” One of these educational and networking opportunities recently took place at our Shelby plant where we gave a tour and talked about our procedures. 

Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis 

Formed in 1922, the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI) is believed to be the oldest organized builder group in America. This charter serves Central Indiana Hoosiers, including Shelby County, and advocates for member companies and the new-home building industry. In addition to meaningful services like education and local networking, BAGI builders and remodelers also benefit from the Quality Assurance Builder Standards, which are a series of performance measurements to which every member agrees. Customers and builders alike can use these guidelines to understand expectations and address potential issues during the home-building process.

Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association 

Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association (IMAA) focuses on solving common problems in the local aggregate industry, especially related to “mine safety and reclamation, air and water pollution, legislation, increasing aggregate use and research for improvements.” They also seek to increase public awareness around the importance of aggregate products used in Hoosier’s daily lives. Shelby VP Gregg Hebbe is a lifetime director of the IMAA and is known in the industry as an aggregates expert. 

Indiana Subcontractors Association 

Although the majority of our ready-mix drivers are full-time employees, we also work with the Indiana Subcontractors Association (ISA) to advocate and provide employment opportunities for local trade subcontractors. The ISA was founded in 1968 as the Indiana chapter of the American Subcontractors Association. After breaking with the ASA in 2002, the ISA’s focus has shifted to building relationships in the construction industry, and creating “opportunities for general contractors, subs, owners and affiliates to connect with one another in a meaningful way.”

Skilled trade careers are very lucrative right now and the in-demand training you receive will benefit you for years to come. Contact us today – we’d love to tell you more about the ready-mix driver careers at Shelby Materials and how you could fit in with our family team.