Shelby Materials Director of Sales Joins IRMCA Board of Directors

Director of Sales Joins IRMCA Board

Dustin Hartman, Director of Sales at Shelby Materials, has been named to the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association (IRMCA) Board of Directors. He will serve as the board’s secretary/treasurer.

What is the IRMCA?

The IRMCA works within the state to promote education and awareness of concrete and ready-mix products, as well as providing job training and recruitment for member companies. Their mission is “to expand the use of ready mix concrete in the State of Indiana… while providing the necessary technical support and informational needs for its members.” Their supported projects include cement concrete use in pavements, parking lots, structures and residential construction.

Shelby’s Long Term IRMCA Connection

Shelby Materials has had a strong connection with the IRMCA for a number of years, as one of its oldest member companies. Shelby staff have also had a long-term connection to the board of directors, with Jeremy Ross, Shelby’s Director of Marketing serving as the most recent board president.

Hartman Sharing His Experience with IRMCA

Dustin Hartman looks forward to serving on the IRMCA board, offering their team nearly 20 years of experience at Shelby Materials and a vast lifelong knowledge of the concrete business. “I’ve known the company almost all my life,” said Hartman. “Dad drove a truck for them for 13 years while I was growing up, so I’ve just always known a lot about it.” He hopes to help provide the Board with input and direction from his decades of experience.

Growing Shelby’s Commercial Business

Working at Shelby, Hartman enjoys the family atmosphere, service-focused mentality and working together to drive the company forward. Through his role on the sales team, Hartman also helped to lead a major shift in the Shelby Materials customer base from primarily residential projects to more commercial work. “It was a total team effort and everybody bought in,” said Hartman. “It’s changed so much as our growth, volume and number of locations continue to expand.”