Why You Should Factor Solar Gain Into Your Concrete Pour

If you’re a concrete contractor in Indiana and you’re not factoring in solar gain into your finish work equation… 

It’s time to start. 

In the summer the sun sets around 9 pm. But in the winter the sun sets around 5 pm. It’s relevant because because concrete curing and setting is accelerated by heat. 

Obviously the problem is less in the summer.  The latent heat is more than enough keep the concrete setting after dark. If the placement is in the direct sun, precautions must be taken to slow the concrete surface down. The difference between sun and shade can be 20 degrees. 

In the winter the opposite is true and there is less daylight. The ground is cold. It is taking calories out of the concrete that it doesn’t have. Without heat there is no concrete. Many times the crew is almost done finishing concrete at sundown but night comes and they are out there until mid-night or worse. 

At Shelby Materials, we are very aware of the Indiana solar cycles and strongly suggest our contractors take steps to be walking on the concrete by sun down.  That is 4 in the afternoon on a beautiful day in January.  Placed by noon.  With added ingredients.

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