What is the Shelby IMPACT?

What is the Shelby IMPACT?

At Shelby Materials, we have an IMPACT statement that guides everything we do. The Shelby Q.E.P. stands for Quality, Expertise and Precision, which are what you can expect in every single one of our jobs, no matter the scale. If you have a concrete project in Central Indiana, you need a partner who won’t let you down. With Shelby, you can expect us there on time, within budget and fulfilling our IMPACT statement every time. 

A History of Quality with the Shelby IMPACT

The foundation of Shelby Materials starts all the way back in 1946, with the Cave Stone Company founded by John D. Haehl Sr. and his brother-in-law Thomas J. Wheeler. Since then, our family owned and operated business has stood the test of time in delivering quality concrete and aggregates to residences and businesses across the state. 

We now employ the third generation of the Haehl family, and we’ve kept up with all of the top quality tools and technology throughout our 70 years of service. When you work with Shelby, you’ll get the logistics of your project delivered to you in real-time, thanks to an overhaul of our concrete batching and dispatching systems as well as a centralized computing data resource center. 

Expertise and Infrastructure

Shelby leadership knows the benefit of expert technology not just in batching and truck dispatching, but also in the trucks themselves. We’ve invested in real-time GPS truck tracking, sand heaters, back-up cameras and more for our fleet of trucks to deliver your materials in the most efficient way possible.

And with an infrastructure of 12 plants conveniently positioned throughout Central Indiana, you’ll enjoy quicker, money-saving delivery, and the best of the best in computer-driven concrete batching and aggregate blends no matter where your construction site is located. 

Precision from Expert Employees

We know that precision and client communication is necessary from our dispatchers, drivers, sales teams and leadership alike. We empower our more than 225 employees with the knowledge and training they need to consistently deliver your materials where you need them, when you need them. 

Our mantra among the employees of our family-owned business is, “We just don’t deliver concrete, we deliver value.” So when you need a concrete project completed on time and within budget, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Shelby. 

Whether you are installing a small concrete pad at your home or working on an infrastructure project as large as the U.S. 31 North reconstruction, you can always trust our Shelby IMPACT of Quality, Expertise and Precision. If you are ready to schedule your concrete or aggregate delivery, you can contact us today online or at 317-782-3200.