Top Notch Cement Soil Stabilization from Shelby


Here at Shelby Materials, we strive to provide you with not just the top value for your concrete and aggregate projects, but also the top quality in safety. When your local base materials do not meet our high standard for safety requirements, we can enhance their properties through soil stabilization in order to maintain your project’s quality for as long as possible. 

How Does Soil Stabilization Work?

Construction projects that will be heavily used, such as traffic or building updates, may have a base made of local materials that are not high enough quality to move forward. When this happens, we use cement soil stabilization to improve and solidify the unfit soils. The addition of cement in the underlying base material will also increase strength and integrity for the project at large, and improve the lifespan of the area. 

What Does Shelby Do?

The experts at Shelby Materials create a custom-designed mix with the concrete and then deliver it to the project site. The contractor will go over the ground where the soil stabilization mix has been laid in order to blend the slurry with a large tiller into the current subgrade soil. They finish the process by compacting and rolling the blend into the final grade. 

How is our Soil Stabilization Process Different?

Our process is an extremely efficient way to stabilize the area for construction projects, and it is unique as well. The largest advantage of using a slurry over other techniques is that it eliminates the rising dust that can affect neighbors and nearby traffic. Other soil stabilization methods can kick up much more dust in the area, creating unnecessary mess and frustration.

Quality You Can Trust

If you’ve worked with Shelby before, then you know our mantra: “We just don’t deliver concrete, we deliver value.” The Shelby Impact of Quality, Expertise and Precision guides all of our projects, including our soil stabilization custom blends. When your project’s base is not of the highest quality, we use our expertise to create your custom-designed stabilizing mix to improve the safety of the area with precision.

If you’d like to learn more about a cement stabilized subgrade or schedule your project consultation, contact our offices today.