Three Basic Tips for Ordering Ready Mix Concrete

The horses are loaded into the starting gate and the start bell has rung. The gates fly open and the horses are in a mad dash for the finish line. But, wait a minute—there are no jockeys on the horses and they seem to be in a confused state of mayhem—with no clear winner decided. Don’t let your first, or next, ready-mix concrete project get off to the races without a trusted jockey on board to help navigate the ordering process to deliver the right mix, on time, and within your budget—so that you and your project can finish the race as winners.

Before the ordering process even begins make sure you’ve chosen a reputable, dependable, and trusted ready-mix concrete supplier. By choosing a knowledgeable and seasoned ready-mix concrete supplier and project partner you can eliminate the stress of making costly mistakes along the way and benefit from their years of experience. Once you’ve chosen your supplier, the next three tips should help your project get moving in the right direction.

Three Tips to Keep Your Project Moving in the Right Direction

Know the basics—and get organized. You may not know exactly what ready mix concrete to choose for your project or how to determine all the specifics, but a Central Indiana industry leader like Shelby Materials can assist in helping you find the right answers to your questions. They will want to know:

  • What size area will you need to cover?
  • What thickness or consistency will you need to satisfy your project specs?
  • Will you be using/needing additives?
  • What is the timeline for the project to begin?
  • When is project completion scheduled?
  • What is your budget?

Call for advice and assistance before ordering. Use your ready-mix supplier’s experience to assist you in ordering the right mix for your specific project. By keeping the project requirements as simple and basic as possible specific to your project, Shelby can recommend the best ready-mix application for your individual project needs.

Follow-up and stay connected. After you’ve determined the basics and chosen the right ready-mix solution for your project, make sure you confirm the following:

  • Confirm the chosen ready-mix concrete solution, including any additives if needed, prior to the proposed delivery date.
  • Confirm the date, time, and job-site contact name and information for delivery.
  • Verify and confirm that the pour site is accessible to Shelby Material’s trucks.
  • Confirm pricing to maintain project budget compliance and to avoid any billing confusion down the road.

Without the proper ordering processes in place your project can lose valuable time and money. While most concrete projects do have specific timelines for completion, don’t let your project get off “race” track by not getting advice early in the ordering process from an experienced jockey so that your project will cross the finish line and head to the winner’s circle. When quality, expertise and precision matter for your next construction project, let Indianapolis’ longest-operating, ready-mix supplier—Shelby Materials—help you do it the right way.

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