The Difference in our Customer Care

Customer Care

Have you heard of the Shelby IMPACT statement? The Shelby Q.E.P. stands for Quality, Expertise and Precision, and that guides everything we do, especially when it comes to customer care. The difference in how we treat our customers is apparent from the moment you start your order to our follow-up after your materials have been delivered and our drivers have left the site. Because we don’t just deliver concrete, we deliver value. 

Customer care from the start

When you make the decision to work with Shelby Materials, we know that your project has likely been in the planning process for weeks, months or even years. So once you’re ready to contact us, we aim to get you exactly what is needed to move the project along in a timely manner. We can help you estimate how much concrete will be needed for your job, and we also offer a Concrete 101 explainer for homeowners. And when it’s time for your project quote, we ensure we have all the pertinent information for your delivery. “We go out of our way to ask the important front-end questions,” said Eric Wagoner, Quality Control Specialist. “We listen to your feedback and strive for continuous improvement.”

Partnering with our customers

When you become a customer at Shelby Materials, you’re really gaining a partner in your success. We see ourselves as an extension of your team because we hire Account Managers — not sales guys. They’re trained concrete experts and problem solvers who can help you anticipate and overcome any obstacles that may come up during your project. “You really can’t afford just any ready-mix producer,” said Quality Control Specialist Chris Wolf. “You need a producer who sees you as a partner, who wants your outcome to be as good as possible. You need to call Shelby Materials. We can make an impact on your business.” 

Keeping contact in real time

Once it’s time for your delivery, our dispatchers know exactly how are trucks are moving — and so do you! With our real-time GPS truck tracking (in place for more than 10 years), customers can actively see how our fleet of trucks are delivering your materials in the most efficient way possible. “A lot of what I do is taking calls from clients who, in real time, see how our drivers are performing,” said Neil Armstrong, dispatcher and former driver. “So I’m able to instruct them and give them advice on how to better care for our clients. Our customers rave about our drivers.” 

Following up on customer care

When we say that we deliver value, we really mean it. And that means we do more than just making a delivery and heading off to our next job. “The value for the customer isn’t always just delivering the material,” said Director of Marketing Jeremy Ross. “Sometimes it’s calling ahead to make sure that the material is correct. Sometimes it’s making sure that we’re there on time. And sometimes it’s just following up to make sure that we’ve done the job correctly. That’s the value we hope to provide here at Shelby Materials, and we think that’s what sets us apart from our competition.” 

Ultimately, the benefit of working with Shelby Materials is apparent to everyone we count as partners, from our executive team, to our dispatchers, to our drivers, and most importantly to you, the customer. “In the end, we are just a group of concrete professionals who care about our customers and strive to deliver the best products possible,” said Wagoner. “Our goal is to have everyone walk off the job happy, it’s as simple as that.” 

If you are ready to discuss your next concrete or aggregates project, contact Shelby Materials today at (317) 782-3200 or online.