Shelby Materials Greywater Initiative

Have you ever wondered how Shelby Materials is able to give you more powder for your dollar? It all comes down to our unique Greywater Initiative. Since our launch in 1951, it’s always been about doing the right thing for customers and our communities, and our Greywater Initiative is all about sustainability and providing the most value for our clients. 

Approximately 5% of the concrete produced annually in the U.S. is returned un-poured. In a million yard market, that’s a lot of concrete! Yes, there are tons of ways to deal with that returned product such as fill and settling ponds. We can’t tell you what everybody else is doing with all that concrete, but we can tell you what Shelby Materials is doing with it. We recycle it! I know what you’re thinking – recycling concrete – is that even possible?!

Indeed it is! Exclusive to Shelby Materials, we employ a highly controlled unique reclaim process that has been widely used in Europe for years.

Let’s check in with Jeremy Ross and Chris Wolf and learn more.

You really can’t afford to have just a concrete supplier. You need a partner that won’t let you down and provides quality product with precision and expertise. In Central Indiana, count on Shelby.

Have questions about our Greywater Initiative? Contact our team.

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  1. Neal Heiser said...

    Great Video Gents !!

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  2. James Clarke said...

    Great initiative.
    Great presentation.

    25 February 2018 at 12:10 am | link to this reply to this

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