Shelby Materials Boiler Up Tradition

Boiler Up! Did you know 2019 marks Purdue University’s 150th anniversary? A sesquicentennial anniversary! As Purdue prepares to celebrate a milestone, we’re reflecting on our Boilermaker pride.

It all began with Margaret Ella (Douglas) Haehl in 1938 with a bachelor’s degree from Purdue in Home Economics.

She would go on to marry John D. Haehl on February 10, 1946. Together they would raise five children in Shelbyville, Indiana, and John Sr. would embark on the launch of his Central Indiana concrete and aggregate business with fellow veteran and business partner Tom Wheeler. Many of the Haehl children and grandchildren would grow up and continue on to Purdue as well. And, many would return to the family business, become supporters of their alma mater and stewards of their communities.

Purdue may be well-known throughout the United States, but it’s revered at Shelby Materials.  With many proud Purdue graduates, the Haehl family values the excellence in education received and holds dear the traditions and the Boilermaker spirit.

There’s just something about Purdue that is so special and formative. Indeed, it provides a world-class educational experience and the excitement of Big Ten athletics, but more noteworthy, the encouragement to strive for continuous improvement always, be a force for action in the world and improve the lives of those around them. To be a Boilermaker is to have true resilience in the face of adversity and always go one brick higher.

With the foundation of our Purdue education, the Haehl family takes the one brick higher mantra very seriously, working to continuously improve the company, enhance the Central Indiana communities around us one job at a time and give back in meaningful ways.

As active Purdue Alumni and Boiler Business Exchange (BBE) members, we enjoy supporting Purdue athletics and the John Purdue Club, plus lending our aggregate and golf course specialty blend expertise to the Purdue grounds staff for their athletic fields and world-renowned golf courses, including the Ackerman-Allen Golf Course.

Now is everyone at Shelby Materials a Purdue graduate? There’s quite a few, but certainly not everyone. We have a diverse mix of higher learning institutions represented within our dedicated staff.

Do we hire Indiana University graduates? It seems the Old Oaken Bucket rivalry runs deep. “Yes, we have IU graduates at Shelby Materials … heck we have them in the family! But we scrutinize just a little bit more,” says Shelby Materials President Philip Haehl.

Boiler Up!

Pictured (left to right): Shelby Materials Haehl family Purdue graduates Parker Haehl, Matt Haehl, Philip Haehl, Richard Haehl, Robert Haehl and Aaron Haehl