2 Keys to Planning A Successful Residential Concrete Delivery

Properly planning for your residential concrete delivery is just as essential as the physical preparation.

Whether you’re building one house, a hundred or a pouring a new patio, make sure to take into consideration these two key factors when planning your next residential concrete project. You’ll make delivery process flow smoothly saving time and money as well as mitigating damages to homeowner’s property.

Consider the Weight of Ready Mix Trucks.

The weight of one of our front-discharge ready mixed trucks can approach nearly 70,000 pounds. The base weight of our trucks are roughly 32,000 pounds. Add an additional 4,000 pounds per cubic yard ordered for total weight. The maximum legal capacity nine cubic yards per truck.

Plan for Space

Space is also an issue, if the area is hard to reach, or access restricted, some aid will be needed to transport the concrete from the truck to where it is being placed. This can be a wheel barrow for small jobs, a motorized buggy for medium sized jobs, or a concrete pump if it is not easily transported or for larger volumes.


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