Project Description

The Town of Avon, in cooperation with INDOT, put out a bid for construction of a new section of Ronald Reagan Parkway. The project included one mile of new roadway and a new bridge over the Big 4 Rail Yard that was built by HIS Constructors.

The bridge consists of 4 spans, constructed with eight 6’6″ tall prestressed beams in each span, and 419,000 pounds of reinforcing steel in the deck. At 568 feet, the bridge was so long that HIS had to pass the beams from one crane on the South side of the span to another crane on the North side of the span just to get them placed.

Shelby Materials supplied over 4,600 yards of concrete for the bridge portion of the project and the deck itself was over 1,700 yards. An additional 2,000 yards of flowable fill was used to encase a three sided culvert structure on the North side of the bridge.