Project Description

Shelby Materials was contracted by Greystone Concrete for work on the 151,000 square feet automotive component plant in Boone County, Indiana. The $73 million Fukai Toyotetsu Indiana Corp (FTIC) plant is a joint venture between Fukai Manufacturing Company and Toyoda Iron Works Company and will supply parts to Japanese automaker Suburu, who has a major assembly plant in Lafayette, Indiana.

The project began in October of 2014 and the plant is scheduled to open by spring of 2016. Approximately 7500 cubic yards of a very specific technical concrete mix will be used on this project. The massive pit walls are about 22 feet tall with 14 elevation changes. These walls will support various pieces of equipment that will produce the finished automotive product. Tunnels run under much of the north end of the building housing conveyors that will collect scrap metal from the machines after the parts are pressed and convey them to the outside for removal.

The interior warehouse floor has been specially designed using 24 pounds of steel fibers per cubic yard. About 20% of the floor slab with the steel fibers has been poured with a beautiful finish applied by Greystone.