Project Description

Shelby Materials was contracted by Rieth-Riley Construction Company for runway resurfacing work at the Columbus Municipal Airport in Columbus, Indiana. The project was completed in two phases over 28 days. The pour was at the intersection of runway 14/32 and main runway 05/23, which is 6401 x 150 feet and an elevation of 656 ft. Our ready mix trucks delivered an average of 125 yards/hour of FAA 501 Runway grade concrete with an averaged 900psi flexural strength.

Poor drainage along the sides of the former crosswind runway led to water accumulating in the asphalt, which caused the surface to deteriorate and become a safety hazard.

To remedy the problem, crews removed 9 inches of the asphalt surface and replaced it with 10 inches of concrete. A new drainage system was installed to prevent water build-up in the future. The new runway also is fully grooved, which will increase the airport’s capability to allow planes to take off or land in all weather conditions.

The final product is expected to last more than 30 years and will reduce the airport’s maintenance costs. In total, the project cost about $5 million to complete. On an annual basis, the airport sees 42,000 take-offs and landings.

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