Element 5 Enhancing Product Integrity for Shelby Materials Customers

Shelby Materials mantra has always been “We just don’t deliver concrete, we deliver value.” And, the only way to consistently increase value is to be a leader in your industry by offering customers cutting-edge, progressive and tested products that enhance the end product. Steve Jobs once said that innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. An exciting new concrete additive agent called Element 5 (E5) is merging innovation and has value to create an enhanced concrete product for our clients like Toyota , Meyer Najem, and F.A. Wilhelm.

How is E5 making a difference for our customers?

  • Providing for Proper Curing
  • Evaporation Control
  • Minimize Risk

In any concrete construction project controlling or mitigating moisture is a huge concern. During the drying process, Mother Nature can rob moisture from the setting concrete allowing for instability in the process and potential degradation of the final product. By adding E5 internal cure directly to the concrete mix right from the beginning and E5 finish during the finishing period, this innovative Reactive Co-Polymerzing Solid (RCS) can provide superior hardness and increased mechanical wear durability.

E5 facilitates the appropriate amount of water evaporation, so that the moisture within the concrete moves about at just the precise time during the setting process and allows for the concrete to maintain the workability so that end product consistency is not mitigated. By creating this stronger integrity E5 isn’t reinventing the finishing stage but is improving upon the outcome, durability and stability of the concrete.

Moisture and water are always major risk factors in setting conditions. Adding E5 to a concrete mix minimizes the risk of product failure and allows for greater control of the time required for a finished product to be usable.

Why is E5 crucial to a successful project?

  • Moisture Control and Curing
  • Speed Finished Drying Time
  • Increase Stability
  • Better Than Other Hardeners

Traditionally, for example, a project like a hospital, due to warranties on the concrete, the newly poured surface is not allowed to be covered or polished for up to 30 days. By adding E5 to this drying process, the concrete setting time is drastically reduced and a shorter amount of wait time is required before hospital floors can be used and fully functional. Which means that polishing and any other floor covering on the project can happen sooner rather than later.

Shelby Materials has utilized E5 in over 50 projects so far and has had marked success. A third-party tester shared that jobs that had utilized the E5 product in the mix were better than when compared to 75% of the different shaken on hardeners on the market.

Strong advocates of the use of E5 to enhance concrete stability and moisture mitigation indicate that by reducing that drying time it is saving both time and money in a crucial construction project and its ability to meet strict timeline deadlines and where exceptional quality control is of utmost importance.

The use of E5—at the corner of innovation and value—is making a difference for construction contractors and customers every day. Controlled moisture evaporation and an increased stability and integrity in the end product are allowing projects to be viable and ready for use much sooner than before. Just like Shelby Materials, who pride themselves on delivering value every day, providing an industry leading sustainable moisture mitigation system designed to create firm foundations on the job-site adds value for their customers as well.

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