Day in the Life as a Shelby Driver: NOW HIRING

Shelby Materials is currently looking to hire ready-mix drivers at several of our locations across Central Indiana. If you’ve ever thought about a career in the field of ready-mix concrete and aggregates, then Shelby could be the right home for you! Learn more directly from our employees about what a day in the life of a Shelby driver is like!

A typical day for a Shelby driver

Shelby Materials’ first concern is the safety of our drivers. Every day, we work to make the drivers safer and their jobs easier, with a modern, well-maintained fleet of mixer trucks, including an order tracking system, backup cameras, and HID headlights. John Crisp, who has been working at Shelby for 19 years, said, “A typical day for me, right now, is working on a new Five Below warehouse that’s a million and half square feet.” 

Crisp works out of the Claremont plant, but his team usually starts by hauling from the Shelbyville plant for the warehouse project. “We haul eleven or twelve hundred yards a shift or until we’re done,” he said. “Usually, I also stop at the Beech Grove plant, take one or two loads, and then work my way back to the west side.”

Serving customers well

Although one of Crisp’s favorite parts of his job is getting to play in the mud, he also likes to work with Shelby customers. “I like to make someone’s job easier,” said Crisp. “Seeing a happy customer makes me happy because when I pull in the next time, they’re glad to see me.”

Happy customers are a common occurrence at Shelby, as Neil Armstrong, a dispatcher and former driver said: ”Our customers rave about our drivers.”  Shawn Calhoun, a Shelby driver for the past 14 years, especially enjoys working with contractors on our concrete projects. “My reward is when the contractor says, ‘You’re a good driver!’” he said. “Or when you pull up and they say, ‘Hey good to see you!’”

Great benefits as a Shelby driver

Calhoun also appreciates the many benefits of working as a ready-mix driver at Shelby Materials. “Good pay, good benefits, and you’re home every night,” said Calhoun. “And the people you work for, the owners, they treat you well.” Crisp agreed: “I don’t feel like I’m coming to grind my nose on the stone. I love what I do and they keep us in good, safe trucks. It’s hard to believe I’ve even been here 19 years.”

One of our most veteran employees, Tom Foster, who has been driving at Shelby for 50 years, compares his career to self-employment. “My favorite part of it is that I’m pretty much my own boss in that truck,” he explained. “You don’t have to answer to a whole lot of people. I like being in the truck, it’s like being in my own little office.”

Becoming part of the Shelby family

Another benefit of working for Shelby that nearly every employee mentions is the family feeling. “If somebody is looking into a career as a ready-mix driver, this is the perfect home for you,” said Armstrong. “We are very family-oriented, and we care about our people. I think that you would find your home here, and you’ll be surrounded by help, just like a family.”

Working with your “family” can even make you want to work a little harder, and strive for more. “I give them what they expect, and sometimes even a little bit more because they’d do it for me,” said Crisp. “It’s a brotherhood really, we have cookouts, we have Christmas parties, and it’s a good environment to work in.” 

If you are interested in joining the Shelby family as a ready-mix driver, you can learn more on our Careers page or contact us today at (317) 782-3200. Qualified candidates should be at least 19 years old with a valid Class A or B CDL W/ air brakes endorsement, clean driving record and no DUI/DWI/OWI in the last 5 years.