Concrete is Heavy … Beware 

Concrete vs. Cement

How much does concrete really weigh?

This is a serious question one should consider, especially when entertaining the “I can do that!” attitude. Keep in mind ready mix folks have been doing this a long time — and most homeowners have not.

So, how much DOES concrete weigh? Each yard of concrete weighs as much as a car.  If you order nine yards of concrete, try to imagine nine cars.  Envision a trailer full of cars moving down the highway about to cross your sidewalk. It may appear to be merely a “strong back” job, but in reality, there’s a bit of science and a bit of art to the process.

Yes, there’s a process, starting with asking, “Should that really be on my patio, in my driveway, or in my backyard?”

Getting a 14-foot tall truck with a 90-foot turning diameter from point A — the street — to point B — the pour spot — can be tricky. Just turning a corner requires some jockeying back and forth and can result in lawn ruts, broken sewer tiles, downed house gutters and tree limbs.

And then there’s the “art” of the process. In this case, watching a couple of YouTube videos probably isn’t going to make a homeowner an expert.  We’ve seen it happen — a guy and his neighbor’s son decide to drag nine yards of concrete and believe they can get it flat in time to get a texture on it. They are woefully ill-prepared for what lies ahead.  Tools. Manpower. Mad wives. You get the picture.

And we get the call. All we can do is replay the phone call of the order for nine yards of concrete.

Lesson learned: A concrete patio, sidewalk or driveway is probably not a great do-it-yourself project. Hire yourself a contractor who is experienced in navigating lawns and what lies beneath, managing a crew and navigating that nine yards of concrete. You — and your wife — will be glad you did.