Central Indiana Winter Concrete Pours

Have you ever thought about the efforts that concrete contractors put out in order to keep projects on schedule during the cold winter months? Truly it takes a team effort, and Shelby Materials is happy to work alongside our customers to get the job done with expertise and precision.

In the featured pictures you can see how the contractor has enclosed the area underneath an exposed slab pour and is using a portable heater capable of producing up to 1 million btu per hour. As the heat rises iIMG_3909t warms the bottom side of the concrete forms above and helps the concrete set in cold conditions. Along with a mix designed to perform in such conditions, the contractor will also place concrete blankets directly on the concrete to completely insulate the concrete. On this particular job maturity sensors were placed in the concrete so the contractor can monitor the internal temperature on the concrete at all times.

Interested to learn more about winter concrete pours? Please contact the Shelby Materials team to discuss a variety of options. We’re happy to help your job stay on schedule during the winter months, without compromising the quality of your concrete.