Cement Soil Stabilization

Need cement soil stabilization in the Central Indiana area? If so, Shelby Materials is your go-to resource.

From time to time local base materials do not meet project-specific requirements. By altering soils and enhancing their properties through soil stabilization, sub soils can become more resistant to construction traffic and better able to maintain desirable properties when exposed to environmental stressors.

Our cement soil stabilization is designed to add cement to the ground in order to improve and solidify unfit soils. It increases the strength and integrity of underlying soil layers and provides for stability and resilience over the area’s life cycle.

Shelby Materials delivers a custom designed mix and places it in a measured area. The contractor then goes over the ground with a large tiller to blend the slurry in with the current subgrade, and they finish by compacting and rolling the material to the final grade.

This is an efficient way to stabilize the ground.  The main advantage of stabilizing the ground with the slurry is it eliminates the dust that can affect neighboring business and car traffic.   This is often a major issue with other methods of soil stabilization.

Interested to find out more about a cement stabilized subgrade, contact the Shelby Materials team here.

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