Key Features

700,000 sq. ft. of warehouse, augercast, lean concrete, pervious concrete, mass concrete, slip form concrete

Project Description

Knauf Fibergrass, one of Shelbyville Indiana’s largest employers, has gone through a series of expansions. Shelby Materials was a key partner for Runnebohm Construction providing them with materials for these numerous projects and expansions.

2005-2008 — New 373,000 sq. ft Warehouse

General Contractor – Runnebohm Construction

Starting in 2005, and spanning a two and a half year period, a 373,000 square foot warehouse placed adjacent to the existing facilities where production was shifted to allow the existing warehouse and production line to be renovated. This schedule allowed Knauf to maintain full production levels throughout the construction and demolition process.

In addition to conventional concrete for the warehouse floor, the project utilized pervious concrete for drainage in an existing indoor slab repurposed for outdoor use, lean concrete, flowable fill, mas concrete, and over 9000 cubic yards of auger cast grout.Delivery and placement included high-volume laser screed pours, mass concrete foundation pours, and long term continuous slip form pours. This phase included over 54,000 cubic yards of concrete.

2008 — 24,860 sq. ft Office Building

General Contractor – Runnebohm Construction

Shelby materials provided the concrete for Knauf’s new 24,860 square foot Engineering and Development office building. This project was awarded a LEED Gold Standard certification and as a model in environmentally sustainable construction uses 30% less energy than a conventional office building.

325,000 Sq. Ft Warehouse

General Contractor – Donnie Grant Concrete

The most recent expansion is a 325,000 square foot warehouse constructed on the site of a demolished building. The project required lean concrete in large footers to stabilize the ground before any construction could begin, a low curl warehouse floor, and exterior concrete that required high early strength concrete. The 8” thick warehouse floor, done by Donnie Grant Concrete, was completed at a rate of 120 cubic yards per hour and the total project included over 9,000 cubic yards of concrete.

General Contractors: Runnebohm Construction, Beaty Construction, Donnie Grant Concrete, J Sons Inc.

Engineers: Fink Roberts & Petrie